Graphic Science

Graphic Science is an Australian insect photography and macro nature image library created by Denis Crawford.

This website showcases some of the insect images and macro nature images that may be purchased from the Insect Image Library.

Go to GALLERIES to view the sample insect images, which are organised into categories such as Coleoptera (Beetles), Hemiptera (Bugs, psyllids, planthoppers), Lepidoptera (Moths & butterflies), etc.

Can't find the image you are looking for? Ask for what you need via the enquiry form on our CONTACT page.

All library images can be purchased for licensed reproduction. Prices depend on where and how the image is to be published. Image previews can be emailed on request along with pricing information, and image license terms and conditions

Denis Crawford portrait

Graphic Science combines Denis Crawford's passion for insect photography with his interests in entomology, horticulture and the environment.

His images have appeared in many publications over several decades.

Denis is author of:

Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide for Australian Gardeners

Backyard Insects (co-author)